Banano Faucets

Faucet Cooldown Comments
Banano Planet 2 hours Shay also runs a BAN CPU miner, casino Discord, and other services.
Try Banano! 2 hours Don't let your memes be dreams
BanBucket 15 hours One of my favorites, features a cooldown timer and BAN price info.
Pride Faucet 24 hours The pride pronoun faucet is still running until funds are distributed. Learn some great info, support a good cause, and potentially earn a monKeystack!
Prussia's Faucet 24 hours The OG. Prussia laid the foundation for most of the other faucets around today.
Banano Forest 24 hours Faucet + raffle with proceeds funding faucet + charity. Great initiative!
iMalfect's Faucet 24 hours Fun, Banano-themed captcha! (Choose the monkey with the unique trait. eg: One monkey is not wearing sunglasses.)
Monkey Talks 24 hours Faucet funded by messages paid in Banano. Leave a message or link and top off the faucet to keep the cycle going!
Only Bans 24 hours (Safe for work.)
Gorilla Nation 24 hours
CSquared's Banano Dispensary 24 hours
Yet Another BAN Faucet 24 hours Newest faucet on the block.
NanSwap Twice per week
Bonobo Faucet 1 week Swap site.
Banano Faucet 1 week Requires Reddit account to send a message. (Faucet works via Reddit tipbot.)