Freerice Event #5 - Animal Edition


Official spreadsheet: link Daily Peel article: link
Start date: 2022-3-1 00:00 EST End date: 2022-3-10 23:59 EST
Participants: 136 Grains:BAN: N/A
Total BAN donated: 5,530.92 Total WAX donated: 7.099
BAN donated to charity: 0 Total rice: 3,511,260
Max payment: 0 Most rice: 176,260
Median payment: 0 Median rice: 6,420
Mean payment: 0 Mean rice: 25,818
Notes: this was a 4 day fundraiser with a small BAN/WAX entry fee and NFTs as the prizesNFT Only Fundraiser. There were no BAN payments for this event.


Rank Username Rice (Start) Rice (Finish) Rice (Event)